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Weekly Art Raffle
Weekly Art Raffle

Weekly Art Raffle

Buy a raffle ticket. All proceeds to Thousand 4 £1000's emergency Covid-19 fund.

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Seabirds' Weekly Art Raffle!

Own original artwork, limited edition prints and one- off objects by Brighton's - hang on, make that Britain's - finest artists, photographers, illustrators and graphic novelists!

We will donate every penny of this and enter your name into a draw where you will stand a far-higher-than- the-national-lottery chance of having successfully bid for one of our featured artworks, which are all worth a lot more than two quid. 

Please donate as much as you can - you can buy as many tickets as you like :) Bundle available for the entire raffle (valid each week)

Artworks coming from:​​​​​​​

Our very own Hannah Eaton 


Jess Barnes

and Tree Frog Illustration  - Beach Huts in a Storm donated by Seabird Kate

and Bite your Granny's Brighton Prints Amazing Brighton Wave Photos

and a beautiful Salty Collage 'Anchor your Soul' from Salty Seabird Suzanne Almond 


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