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SWIPE Swim Goggles
SWIPE Swim Goggles
SWIPE Swim Goggles
SWIPE Swim Goggles
SWIPE Swim Goggles
4 reviews

SWIPE Goggles


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SWIPE Goggles

Seabird Kath's favourite goggles! Super-clear and comfortable. Made in Japan. Worn by Salty Seabirds in the Sea in Brighton. 

New swimming goggles with SWIPE ANTI-FOG technology. "SWIPE ANTI-FOG" can clean the lens by a few finger swipes and clear vision will be restored. Compared to other goggles, the new SWIPE goggle anti-fog lasts 10 times longer. These goggles are user-friendly and incredibly comfortable. VIEW developed these goggles by integrating ultra-soft material with a firm material in varying parts of the goggle. The firm material is used for the frame surrounding the lens, while the ultra-soft material is used for the face pad section that makes direct contact with the skin. The result is a face pad that fits gently on the skin, and the fitting sensation is like nothing you've felt before. 


  • [NEW] SWIPE ANTI-FOG technology
  • UV Protection
  • Soft, large cushion T.P.E. seal for superior comfort
  • EZ Strap
  • One-piece construction


Based on 4 reviews
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Sammi Wilson - Brighton

Best goggles ever!

I struggle with goggles and finding a good fit, as like other reviews have mentioned I have a small face. These are fantastic! Comfortable, clear vision , fit perfectly and so far haven't fogged up at all. Extremely happy with my purchase.

Maddy - Hove

The best

I’ve never got on with goggles, they've always steamed up, leaked, or are too tight around the eyes. Thank goodness I tried these SWIPE goggles. They have completely changed my swimming experience - they are really comfortable and there are no issues with misty vision, they really are the best.

Nicky - Hove

Perfect goggles!

After years of buying rubbish leaky foggy goggles I came across these. Absolutely perfect and I don’t fiddle with them at all whilst swimming. They don’t leak and you can see very clearly in them. What’s not to love about them!

Sarah - Hove

Love these - fit my small face without leaking and really really clear.

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