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Salty Things Bags

Salty Things Bags. Black organic cotton.

Product information

Screen printed with love in Brighton. Salty Things design (a homage to the favourite show of many of the Salty Seabirds, Stranger Things) on black. 100% organic cotton. 

100% organic cotton  Seabirds Salty Things Tote bag. 

Save our seas and avoid plastic bags and waste. Look stylish when you shop! Use it when you do a beach clean and then it can go in the washing machine without worrying about micro fibres causing more marine pollution. 

Size: 38cm x 42 cm 

Join the Seabirds in our campaign for plastic free communities and zero waste. Avoid single use plastic bags. Another plastic pollution solution for our environment. Profits from our social enterprise go to charity to support getting more people sea swimming and supporting mental health initiatives that use the sea to boost well being. 



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