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Salty Seabirds Community 

Salty Seabirds are a group of swimmers that swim in the sea on Brighton and Hove's beaches all year round. We are not an official club, rather a community of like-minded swimmers. We are not meeting while adhering to the current Covid 19 regulations. 

We post in our Facebook Group where and when we are swimming for others to join us and there are usually early morning, daytime and evening swims. The locations change, as do the times, but there is a swim everyday. We even do day trips sometimes! Some of us skin-swim all year round and are great believers in cold water therapy. Others wear wet-suits. We don't really care what you wear as long as you get in the sea! We aren't concerned with times or distances. Depending on who joins us on the day will dictate whether it's a disciplined swim around the buoys or a leisurely social swim, parallel to the pebbles, counting the concrete groynes. You can chose your stroke. Some do front crawl, others breaststroke and a few back stroke. We are yet to spot a butterflying seabird. We understand that there are points in people's lives where they need support; to build resilience and make improvements to their well being. The Seabirds community provides company and respite from day to day challenges and worries. Even on days when it is too rough to go in we will meet and paddle, pilchard (lie in the shore dump) or walk. And there is always tea and sometimes even cake. We have no clubhouse so you need to be prepared to change on the beach! We are not a club and individuals swim at their own risk. We stick to lifeguarded beaches in the summer months and make safe choices in the colder rougher winter ones. 

So what's stopping you?

Come and swim with us!