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Hinza 'Green' Plastic Bags from Seabirds
Hinza 'Green' Plastic Bags from Seabirds
Hinza 'Green' Plastic Bags from Seabirds
Hinza 'Green' Plastic Bags from Seabirds
Hinza 'Green' Plastic Bags from Seabirds
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Hinza 'Green' Plastic Bags


Product information

Large Green Plastic Hinza Bag - made from Sugarcane!

Hinza Green plastic

The eco-friendly Green Plastic version of the Hinza bag is produced from a renewable raw material sourced from sugar cane.

When sugar cane is growing, it absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. When green plastic made from sugar cane is burned, the carbon dioxide is released back into the atmosphere. As the total amount of carbon dioxide does not increase, as it does when ordinary plastic from fossil raw materials is burned, there is no impact on climate.

The sugar cane used to produce the plastic for our Green Plastic bags is grown on Brazilian plantations that are located at least 2,500 km from the Amazon.

Green plastic is recycled in the same way as conventional plastics.

Hinza bag details:
Height with handles: 42 cm.  Height without handles: 25 cm.
Length: 44 cm.  Width: 17 cm. 
Volume: 15 litres
Carrying capacity: 15 kg.

The HINZA bag is an Iconic Swedish design from the 1950s, originally known as ‘Shopping bag 329’ it was re-imagined in 2007 by the great granddaughter of the original designers. This iconic design, now manufactured in the province of Småland seamlessly interchanges between home storage and fashion – it‘s the bag that’s ready when you need it, it’s where function and fashion meet.

Seabirds Brighton are proud to introduce this new green plastic bag. We have found it really useful as a swim bag when we head to the beach - easy to get our things out (finding our tea and hot water bottles!) and waterproof when carting them home! equally useful for shopping too.


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Jan - Sussex

Love my bag.

Keep all my swim stuff in one place ready to grab and go and avoid scattering around my flat. Easy to clean, great size.

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